Finding Inspiration

I visited Røros, an old Norwegian mining town, a long time ago, but in my mind I sometimes return to the special atmosphere and unusual colors of the place. Of course, interesting motifs can be found anywhere, but some locations do seem more inspirational than [...]

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Color choices

It's not unusual to find quite bold color schemes like this in old houses (often the typical post war standard houses), a striking contrast to the modern monochromatic nordic interiors. There must be an explanation to the from our point of view rather exotic choices of [...]

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Smooth Passages

Well, here's my special painting for today. Actually for yesterday too, the garlic clove to the right being yesterdays production. To be honest, in general, I find still life painting a bit pointless. Not that I couldn't admire other people's skill in such work, it's [...]

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A Daily Painting

I'm painting almost every day. In fact whenever it's possible. But most of my work require quite some time, normally several days, to accomplish, so by the end of a day I often get the feeling I haven't done much, couldn't finish anything anyway. Thus, I have been cherishing the idea [...]

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ArtRage Painting: the Boat Axe

Here's a small example of how I use the ArtRage program for my illustrations. My style is quite straight forward, I'm mostly using the oil brush tool and not much else; the eraser and palette knife, and sometimes, like in this particular case, the air [...]

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I actually posted this one on my Facebook page last winter, but picked up the paintings again now in order to complete them. The original sketches were made almost twenty years ago during an unusually impressive waxwing invasion. The largest flock reported was one of approximately [...]

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