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Keeping an eye on you

Working on the Ice Age project I'm trying figure out and describe the interactions between species in the ice age environment. During that time many animals that never meet nowadays, inhabited the same area. Even the arctic fox lived much further south and could maybe hang around herds of big mammals like the steppe bison, opportunistically lurking for an easy dinner: a weak calf set behind or accidentally killed animals.

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The shelter

There is a cliff nearby called Kasaberget, referring to a place where a fire was set during uneasy times as a warning signal. It's an 'old place' where people have been watching over the sea for centuries, or millennia. It hasn't always been on mainland, in the past the sea level has varied greatly, sometimes leaving only the top of the cliff visible, thus making it a part of a wast archipelago. I can imagine how ancient fishermen and seal hunters, or maybe adventurous boys, have taken shelter against the elements in some of the small ravines in the area. This image, as simple as it may be, proves how important it is to take some trouble in order to make realistic illustrations. Sometimes I feel I don't have enough time to get out to seek after suitable settings for a painting, but the truth is that I can't find them in the studio either. Imagination has its limits.

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The Stone Age project

A lot of the stuff on this blog is going to be about the way of life of stone age people, and life in general during the Ice Age (meaning the last glacial period). I've been working on the subject for a long time, and am now going through and repainting old pictures, and producing new material. The idea is to gather my paintings and drawings into a bigger collection of illustrations, which will be available for various purposes.    

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