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The holy tree

From time to time I want to try something new in the way of  painting style and use of colors. Not anything big, just small adjustments; a new approach to the motif. This one came out looking a bit prerafaelistic, I think. But now, friday is pizza day, so I better start baking.

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Fish trap

Normally, it would feel a bit strange to paint winter landscapes in the middle of the summer, but the way the weather has been lately the difference isn't that big. And I mean literally. This is one of the stone age images about primitive fishing I'm working on, like the previous ones.

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Primitive fishing

No doubt fishing was utterly important during the Stone Age, often critical too, especially at times when protein was hard to obtain from other sources. Some of the ancient fishing equipment look just fantastic, like this hook, thousands of years old.   Fishing spears used quite recently, or maybe still in use, can have simply ingenious constructions in order to keep hold of a slippery fish. I can imagine that similar designs to this one, could be tens of thousands of years old. This is my own version. Would be fun to make a real one, by using primitive stone tools, of course.  

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Greylag geese II

Take off The last couple of months have been rather busy, and the working days scattered, and I have a gnawing feeling that I don't get anything finished. But I'm trying to use every minute I have to do at least something. That is the great part of digital painting: it requires just a few seconds to get everything ready and start painting. In traditional media it takes a good while to prepare the working space, to mix colours and so on, only to have to clean everything away again. This is how far I got with the greylag painting yesterday. I have some issues with the composition ( a sketch is always so easy to do, adding paint reveals all the weaknesses of the plan) so I better let it be for now, and see what I can do to it later.

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Greylag geese

Starting a new one Last week I made a short cruise to Stockholm with my family. There's a lot to see along the route with beautiful archipelagos on both sides of the sea, and of course I followed the seabirds and wildfowl intensively. At one point the ferry ploughed through a small flock of greylags, though not causing any big panic. Some of the birds just swam away, but a couple of them lifted splashing water while running on the surface. The situation, and especially the angle from where I was watching, gave me an idea for a tight and intensive composition. To be continued...  

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Children on the mammoth steppe

When I'm working on a bigger project, I might start one or several paintings every day, if possible, but don't work very long on any of them. As a result I have now probably a couple of hundred paintings, like this one, waiting to be finished. This way I have always something to do even when I feel tired and lack inspiration, I just pick any painting and make some brushstrokes, put it aside and continue on another one. And then, eventually, completed paintings start to emerge out of that mass. Quite miraculously, it seems.

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