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Moulting time

Here's a small painting from the archives. Can't remember the year, but I think I made for an article in a magazine. The idea was to show a bird in postbreeding moult. After the breeding season, most (adult)birds start changing their, at that point, quite worn-out feathers to fresh ones, before migrating southwards. Some do it partially, some completely. Juveniles moult too, but mostly only their body feathers to obtain a more adult look. I don't remember much how I painted this one, or where I checked the moulting pattern, if I did at all. I have made some repainting on it afterwards, but I'm still not sure if it's correct. The problem with many commissions is that there is not enough time  (meaning money) to do the background work properly, but the job must be done anyway. I believe I made this before the internet-era (at least for my part), and back in those days it was way harder to get proper reference material. Hovever, it's fun to compare this painting (acrylic on paper) with the digital paintings I mostly do nowadays.

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The eagle owl chick: digital painting

Thought that I could explain a bit how I work when I paint digitally. To begin with, I confess that I am completely autodidact in digital painting, and I do not know so much about computers and programs on the whole. But I paint anyway, and slowly, little by little, I'm making some progress. I think. In order to understand the following, one must be at least somewhat familiar with the art of digital painting. For those who don't, I will try to present the discipline in a more comprehensive way at some point in the future. The software I'm using is ArtRage 4 (I'm waiting for the next, 4.5, coming soon) from Ambient Design. It's the only program I have tried so far, so I can't make any comparisons. The process itself doesn't differ so much from the way I paint traditionally (I don't always work the same way in any technique, but in general, this is  how it goes), and so, I usually start with a pencil drawing. For a naturalistic painting like this, a model is always required, life or a photo (in most cases, photos are more practical). Even when I don't paint from life, I prefer using my own material. If it's possible. After I have made a quick drawing, I start filling in color. The drawing doesn't have to be very precise, there are a lot of corrections to be made during the process anyway. Now, I can start painting on the drawing (or on a layer underneath it, which I often do at first) just in a normal way, like in the image above. Or I can use the advantages digital painting offers (I think that the point in using any new media is that it should make work easier and faster, there is no reason to make it more difficult than it already is), so I can speed things up by only painting one half of the image, then duplicating the layer, and flipping one of them. Actually there is a symmetry tool for ArtRage 4, which duplicates the brushstrokes automatically. I haven't tested it yet though. The effect I want to achieve, requires many thin layers of color overlapping each other, which is mostly sheer time consuming, mechanical work. Through using this option, I can save many valuable working hours for the more demanding work on the details. Not to forget that by saving thousands of brush strokes, I can also reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury on my hand. [...]

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Yet another hot day, and the pen tablet gets sticky and difficult to use. But I have tried to work anyway. Summer is not particularly my favorite season for painting, too much greens. My trademark, in a way, is my restricted palette with umbras and siennas dominating. In fact, my more colorful paintings have not been so successful. Even if people have generally liked them, they don't necessarily purchase them. So, economically it's a risky business for me to deviate from my normal manners. But since it's summer, it should be ok with little swerving too. So I started with the goldfinches today, trying to give the painting a feeling of a hot summer day, with bright light and colors and some sharp cast shadows. I felt it was quite easy to find the right composition, which is good, it often happens that if the composition doesn't work well from the beginning, it never will. But now it's already midnight, and I should stop if I wan't to be able to start (relatively) early in the morning. It will be much cooler then.  

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It’s too hot for anything

After a rainy and exceptionally cold (even for Finland) first half of this summer, we are now experiencing unusually long warm period. At first it was fun of course, but after a while it has become apparent that it's quite impossible to work effectively in this heat. It's constantly around 30 degrees (Celsius) inside, and it's a bit too much for me. Because of the sweating it's impossible to use the pen tablet, or it's very annoying at least, since I can't slide my hand on the surface of the tablet, my hand getting stuck all the time due to the moist. Working traditionally isn't much better, the paper gets all wrinkled and the acrylics behave oddly in these temperatures. But still, the biggest problem is that my brain doesn't work so seems like it wanted to sleep most of the time. The good thing is that it really doesn't matter so much, I don't have many undisturbed moments to work anyway, before the school starts again. I know, I shouldn't complain. The days are already growing shorter and soon enough the autumn will be here with rain and darkness, and then we (even I) start dreaming of the next summer. On the other hand I do like the autumn months, especially the colors and the light, all the migrating birds and different weather patterns, giving me lots of inspiration. But for now, it's summer and it's okay, just shouldn't try to do too much...  

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