A Daily Painting

//A Daily Painting

A Daily Painting

I’m painting almost every day. In fact whenever it’s possible. But most of my work require quite some time, normally several days, to accomplish, so by the end of a day I often get the feeling I haven’t done much, couldn’t finish anything anyway. Thus, I have been cherishing the idea of making a daily painting, a small piece of art for each day, that wouldn’t take too much of my time. Many daily painters put their (daily) art on sale, and that certainly could be a good idea, but I was thinking more of an opportunity to make something without the pressure that comes with commercial work. Just painting for fun, or to try something different, new media, technique or style. My problem is that most of the time I can’t afford to waste even a minute (or at least I feel like it) on anything else than my routine work. But now, the great thing with digital painting is that I can reuse my paintings; a small painting can later be incorporated in a bigger composition. If I have a plan for a more complicated painting (and there’s no rush to get it ready) I can paint parts of it “alla prima” and save them as individual small paintings, and put them together later when I have more time.

I made the little snow-covered pine tree with this in mind. It’s a fairly modest painting, documenting a day this winter, a moment we actually had some snow. Now I have it stored on my computer, and if I happened to need an image like this as background in an other painting, I can make a copy, and continue painting on it (after expanding the canvas if I need more space).

This is a nice, practical solution, but not exactly painting “just for fun” and there’s still not much room for experimenting. Simply playing with paint is always fun, even my kids like it a lot, and it can be quite refreshing. However, to add a little seriousness to it I might include small amounts of Goethe’s color theory in my doodles every now and then.

Colourdribbling 1

Or I can do whatever falls into my mind as long as it’s not the usual.

2 Pears


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  1. Plum Ovelgonne 30.03.2015 at 14:34 - Reply

    I love your usual calming colours. I look forward to seeing more daily paintings! The ‘pair of pairs’ of beautiful.

    • Tom 31.03.2015 at 23:32 - Reply

      Thanks. I have noticed, again, that it’s not easy to squeeze a “daily painting” in my schedule, but it’s a nice thought, so I’ll do my best!

  2. Sanna 01.04.2015 at 09:59 - Reply

    ‘Simple’ painting with a lots of soul. Patient, little pine tree with all the weight of winter on its branches, waiting the spring to free it with its warm and light. 🙂
    I love to paint and draw and use to do it more when I was younger, but writing is my thing. I understand what you mean with the importance of practising, experimenting and doing a lots of hard work. Work can be fun also some days, but in other its painstaking and I can get so bored and hate evering I have done. Then next day it can be like my dearest fried I have missed to see a long time. Its a bit like beeing married. You love your art till the day you die and its part of you, but same days you can’t stand to start reading those same old pages again and work on them. That’s why its so important some times to just to have fun adn not to take things so seriously.

    • Tom 03.04.2015 at 00:36 - Reply

      That’s about it, I think, nothing much to add. Thank you.

  3. Denise Monaghan 03.12.2017 at 22:39 - Reply

    Very inspired. I have a hard time balancing life and art. I have been thinking of switching to tempera, and small work that can be done a bit faster, as tempera allows the satisfaction of multiple layers fast. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Tom 03.12.2017 at 23:38 - Reply

      You’re very welcome, Denise. I know – the balancing part – it can be difficult from time to time. I switch between disciplines quite often to refresh my style and to maintain my skills, although reality normally demands the fastest technique. For an artist, it’s important to stop sometimes and recollect what really matters in terms of ones artistic life … and the other life.

      I just checked your site by the way, and I like many of your paintings very much. And your artists statement. Wise words.

      I have some issues with this site so I’m more active on my Facebook page, which I think you already found.


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