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Smooth Passages

Well, here's my special painting for today. Actually for yesterday too, the garlic clove to the right being yesterdays production. To be honest, in general, I find still life painting a bit pointless. Not that I couldn't admire other people's skill in such work, it's probably just that I'm so used to do stuff with some sort of informational purpose. However, for me too, it's easy to get carried away studying the light and shadows, noticing the details and trying to capture them in a painting. And garlic especially, give's a chance to paint nice and smooth passages, my favorite thing. I started this one by painting it in acrylics from (still :)) life, then switched to digital to finish it. I'm not sure if it gives the best quality technically - I have always problems with the reproduction of my traditional paintings - but it's quite fun mixing the two medias. Color blending isn't the easiest thing to do in acrylics, it's like against its nature even when using retarder, and digital painting is pretty much the same, in my mind. Of course, I could use the airbrush tool, but I prefer the oil brush - I think it has more personality just like in traditional techniques. So, if I want a gentle passage from light to dark, changing color at the same time, I have to use very thin layers so that the eye can't separate the individual brushstrokes more than what is my intention.

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