Medieval Life: Housekeeping

//Medieval Life: Housekeeping

Medieval Life: Housekeeping

Here’s one image (in progress) describing the interior of a common medieval farm house. In Finland most buildings during that period were built of timber, so there isn’t much left to see today. At archaeological sites, where ruins of medieval villages has been unearthed, it looks, for an untrained eye, merely like some stones randomly distributed on the ground. I have especially been puzzled about the piles of stones that are supposed to be ovens (or stoves). Not an easy task to try to reconstruct anything of those remains. But a while ago I run into some old photos that pictured the conditions in which poorer people lived for maybe a hundred years ago, and I can’t help thinking that it wasn’t much different from what it was during the Middle Ages. Even the stoves were not much more than, exactly, just piles of stones.

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    Amazing Art!

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