Moulting time

//Moulting time

Moulting time

Here’s a small painting from the archives. Can’t remember the year, but I think I made for an article in a magazine. The idea was to show a bird in postbreeding moult. After the breeding season, most (adult)birds start changing their, at that point, quite worn-out feathers to fresh ones, before migrating southwards. Some do it partially, some completely. Juveniles moult too, but mostly only their body feathers to obtain a more adult look.

I don’t remember much how I painted this one, or where I checked the moulting pattern, if I did at all. I have made some repainting on it afterwards, but I’m still not sure if it’s correct. The problem with many commissions is that there is not enough time  (meaning money) to do the background work properly, but the job must be done anyway. I believe I made this before the internet-era (at least for my part), and back in those days it was way harder to get proper reference material.

Hovever, it’s fun to compare this painting (acrylic on paper) with the digital paintings I mostly do nowadays.

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