ArtRage Painting: the Boat Axe

Here's a small example of how I use the ArtRage program for my illustrations. My style is quite straight forward, I'm mostly using the oil brush tool and not much else; the eraser and palette knife, and sometimes, like in this particular case, the air brush. Typical for many digital illustrators (or any other media) I start with a drawing. It's not necessary, though, especially if you are using a tracing image (it can be a "real life" drawing too, of course). At first stages, when I start painting, I'm painting on a layer below the layer with the drawing, keeping it intact. I don't mind color going outside the lines, it can be erased later. And that's about it, I guess, just adding more paint and details, making changes required (like the reflections in this painting, which were a bit disturbing on the axe in reality)  and finally cleaning up to finish. I will try to explain more abut my painting techniques, and give some practical hints on how to get started, in upcoming posts.            

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