Yet another hot day, and the pen tablet gets sticky and difficult to use. But I have tried to work anyway. Summer is not particularly my favorite season for painting, too much greens. My trademark, in a way, is my restricted palette with umbras and siennas dominating. In fact, my more colorful paintings have not been so successful. Even if people have generally liked them, they don't necessarily purchase them. So, economically it's a risky business for me to deviate from my normal manners. But since it's summer, it should be ok with little swerving too. So I started with the goldfinches today, trying to give the painting a feeling of a hot summer day, with bright light and colors and some sharp cast shadows. I felt it was quite easy to find the right composition, which is good, it often happens that if the composition doesn't work well from the beginning, it never will. But now it's already midnight, and I should stop if I wan't to be able to start (relatively) early in the morning. It will be much cooler then.  

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