The Stone Age project

//The Stone Age project

The Stone Age project

A lot of the stuff on this blog is going to be about the way of life of stone age people, and life in general during the Ice Age (meaning the last glacial period). I’ve been working on the subject for a long time, and am now going through and repainting old pictures, and producing new material. The idea is to gather my paintings and drawings into a bigger collection of illustrations, which will be available for various purposes.



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  1. Dr John Leah 10.01.2018 at 15:28 - Reply

    Beautiful work. Produce a book! I will certainly but it,

    Cheers, John Leah

    • Tom 10.01.2018 at 19:38 - Reply

      Thank you John. And perhaps there will be a book, too, someday. Meanwhile you can check the book Dinosaur Art II with me and nine other paleoartists.

  2. Alison Venugoban 31.03.2018 at 04:37 - Reply

    I second John’s comment; I would buy anything you care to publish. You are such a talented artist, but more than that, it is the little details of expression in your human subjects as they go about their daily lives that show your true talent and love for your subjects.

    • Tom 31.03.2018 at 09:13 - Reply

      Thank you very much, Alison! And I’m working on a series of products hopefully coming up in a not too far future.

  3. Jude 15.10.2018 at 21:48 - Reply

    Ah, she is wonderfully inspiring! Ancestral memories of tundra and great herds of reindeer!

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